Release date:

03, June 2021

What is new?

  • New Java checks:
    We have added 9 new Java checks. Get more insights into Embold’s rich Java checks here.
    • Main Should Not Throw Anything
    • Maps With Enum Values Replace With EnumMap
    • Mismatch Regex Boundaries Should Not Be Used
    • Avoid Synchronized At Method Level
    • Avoid Concatenating Char As String
    • Empty String Should Not Be Used
    • Exceptions Should Not Be Thrown In Finally Block
    • Shortcircuit Logic Should Be Used In Boolean Contexts
    • Big Integer Instantiation
  • We have updated GoLang security checks by adding 2 new Linters (Support for cloud users only); read here more :
    • GoSec
    • StaticCheck
  • We have added a new Python language Linter integrated with Bandit. (Support for cloud users only). Check here more.
  • Introducing new language support: Ruby and tool integrated is Brakeman. (Support for cloud users only). Check here more.
  • New CPP checks:
    We have added 2 new CPP checks. Read here more.
    • shallow copy constructor
    • shallow copy assignment
  • We have added a few more Embold CWE checks for CPP language. Read here more.
  • Introducing new language support: APEX and tool integrated is PMD Apex.
  • Integrated New Source control platform: IBM RTC
  • Bug Fixes

Release scope:

  • Available via windows installers, docker, and cloud.

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to