Release date:

05, January 2021

What is new?

  • MISRA checks:
    Supporting MISRA C: 2012 standard (135/143 checks). Read more.
    We have added 2 new checks to our MISRA C:2012 standard
    • MISRA-C2012-8.7 
    • MISRA-C2012-5.6
    • MISRA-C2012-1.1 – increased the coverage by adding a few more cases 
  • New checks:
    We have added 2 new C/Cpp checks to our already rich list of C/Cpp checks. Check the entire list of checks here.
    • deactivated code
    • hidden base member
  • Embold now supports Security checks for Java. We have added 3 new Embold custom checks in this release.
    • Accessing Android external storage is security-sensitive
    • Using unsafe Jackson deserialization configuration is security-sensitive
    • Setting JavaBean properties is security-sensitive
      Get more insights into Embold’s rich Java checks here
      See our OWASP top 10 and CWE coverage here for more details.

Release scope:

  • Available via installers, docker hub, and cloud.

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to