Release date:

17, February 2020

What is new?

  • Our Jira integration got even better. When creating and assigning a task from Embold, the assignee can take up the ticket in Jira and directly jump to the issue in Embold for further information. Also, we enriched the ticket information, which is sent from Embold, so the task owner can directly pick up the issue and start fixing it. Read more about our Jira integration here.
  • We have extended our MISRA C: 2012 rules and added 8.11 and 11.1. We also added a MISRA compliance PDF report and MISRA CSV report which you can download directly in Embold. To know more about MISRA checks coverage, please read this article.
  • Embold API: Now you can get an aggregated ticket information per component and also the commit number and last commit date information per component. Check out our rich API here for further information.
  • Now you can download all your design and code issues as a CSV report.
  • Added JavaScript to our RE (beta): Our recommendation engine tries to identify the issues in the code and suggest fixes based on historical data. Now we are supporting JavaScript language. For more information, please check this article.
  • PR Quality Gate: It allows users to check whether their pull request has passed or failed in quality depending on certain configurations. Hence, we are providing a facility to update the configuration file via API as per your set requirements.
  • IntelliJ PlugIn (beta) – This Embold plugin helps the user to analyse the source code in IDE itself.

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to