Recommendation Engine (Beta)

Recommendation Engine learns from the historical issues in a code base and highlights potential issues which developers can fix before committing the code. Recommendation Engine (RE) considers committing history as well as issue tracking information to produce its suggestions. Usage of RE helps development teams proactively maintain quality.

Setting up Recommendation Engine

Recommendation Engine is now in beta mode and support is available for limited languages and platforms. We will expand the support in the coming releases. For more assistance on setting up RE on your BrowserStack Code Quality instance, get in touch with our support team.

Supported languages:

Java, C/C++, Javascript, Typescript

Supported platforms:

Self-hosted: Ubuntu, Redhat Enterprise Linux, CentOS.

Supported version control systems:

Currently supports GitHub and SVN. More will be added later.

Enabling Recommendation Engine for a repository

Enabling RE for a supported repository is very easy. You can do this at the time of linking the repository to BrowserStack Code Quality or at a later stage.

At the time of linking a repository to BrowserStack Code Quality, select the “Enable Recommendation Engine” option from the pop-up. You will not see this option if your repository is not supported.

You can change this option or enable the recommendation engine at a later point in time from the “Edit repository” pop-up.


  1. Select “Edit repository” from repository context menu of desired repository..
  2. Check or uncheck “Enable Recommendation Engine” option.

Using Recommendation Engine in BrowserStack Code Quality UI

Recommendations for scanned commits can be found under the “Development History” page in a repository. This page may not be available if the Recommendation Engine is disabled. Read the documentation on enabling Recommendation Engine to know more.


  1. Open “Development History” page from node summary bar.
  2. Navigate to commits tab.
  3. Select a commit you are interested in by clicking it. Commit details pop-up will open
  4. You can locate the bugs on the code lane view on the left side or on the code view margin.
  5. Click on a bug on the code lane view to navigate to that issue on code view.

Enabling Recommendation Engine for an organization model

Enabling RE for an organization model is very easy.

You can enable this organization model feature by simply ticking the checkbox. The organization model is developed for an individual language. You can enable this option as per your preference.

Organization model supported for languages: Java, CPP


  1. Select “RE Settings” from the left-side navigation pane.
  2. Check or uncheck language-specific repositories within this organization model.

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