Release date:

26, March 2021

What is new?

  • New Java checks:
    We have added 4 new Java checks. Get more insights into Embold’s rich Java checks here.
    • Exclude SpringBootApplication And ComponentScan From The Default Package
    • Externalizable Must Have No Arguments Constructor
    • RunFinalizerOnExit Should Not Be Called
    • Getters And Setters Should Access The Expected Fields
  • Support to Java Spring Framework:
    • Non-ThreadSafe Field Declaration
    • Disabled Spring Securitys CSRF
    • SpringBoot Application And Component Scan Not Be Used In Default Package
      And more checks coming soon in the next releases until then get more insights here.
  • New CPP checks:
    • Assignment Operator Non-Const Arg
    • Assignment Operator Returns Void
    • Assignment Operator Non-Const Return
    • Returning Local Address
      Read here more.
  • Embold username and password have been deprecated from this release, instead use Embold Access Token (EAT). Read here more.
  • Bug Fixes

Release scope:

  • Available via installers, docker hub, and cloud.

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to