About BrowserStack Code Quality

What is BrowserStack Code Quality?

BrowserStack Code Quality is your software analytics platform. It lets you make informed decisions in software development and maintenance so that you can build maintainable, high-quality software. BrowserStack Code Quality leverages its proprietary analytics engine to analyze your code and gives you rich insights in a time-efficient manner. Features like ‘Key Performance Indicators’ and ‘Quality Gates’ ensure a high level of software source code quality while you concentrate on fast-paced development. Connect your source code repositories, issue-tracking systems and build systems to BrowserStack Code Quality today for a completely integrated workflow.

Why is static code analysis important?

Static code analysis helps you to identify potential software quality issues in the development stage, before the software moves to production. It can detect areas in your code that need re-factoring or simplification. It can detect programming errors or flaws and thereby reduce the number of issues detected during testing or execution. It can detect design issues and help you to improve maintainability, re-usability, functionality, runtime behaviour and portability of your program. It can also improve the communication in your development team and help train developers to produce high quality source code.

What is static code analysis?

Static code analysis is a way of analyzing source code without building or executing the program. The analysis is either performed on the source code files as they are written by the software developers, or on the object code that is produced by the compiler. This has the advantage that in most cases no build or runtime environment is required for the analysis. This is opposed to analyzing the program during its runtime (“dynamic analysis”).

How does BrowserStack Code Quality differ from its competitors?

BrowserStack Code Quality uses an algorithmic approach to detect structural design issues in code, called anti-patterns. Our dependency-analysis view is another powerful feature that supports visual diagnostics and detailed analysis of your code. Our unique ranking engine, prioritizing the hotspots based on an intelligent scoring system, helps our users address their most challenging issues quickly and effectively. Our human-centered approach, designed with both managers and developers in mind, is an elegant, easy-to-use solution to the software problem.

Is BrowserStack Code Quality open source?

No, at this time BrowserStack Code Quality is a proprietary software application.

System Requirements

What is the minimum required screen resolution?

We strongly recommend a resolution of 1024px x 768px or higher to ensure proper rendering of the interface.

What devices are supported?

While BrowserStack Code Quality will run on any device that can access a supported browser, we recommend using a device with a minimum screen resolution of 1024px x 768px.

What browsers are supported?
Operating SystemBrowserVersion
Mac OSXSafari
Google Chrome
Windows 10Internet Explorer
Google Chrome
11.0 or above
Ubuntu 16.04Firefox
Google Chrome

Hosting and Security

Where is BrowserStack Code Quality hosted?

All data is securely stored in the Amazon data center in Frankfurt, Germany. We take data privacy and security seriously and make sure your data never leaves Germany.

Does BrowserStack Code Quality offer an on-premise solution?

Absolutely. We offer an on-premise version of BrowserStack Code Quality that can easily be integrated into your own environment. Find out more about our account types here or get in touch with us directly for more information.

Is my connection to BrowserStack Code Quality secure?

Yes. All communication between your web browser and BrowserStack Code Quality is encrypted using an industry standard SSL certificate issued by Amazon. You can always personally verify this by clicking on the lock symbol in your browser.

Scans and Language support

What if my code size exceeds the licensed limit?

In short, any attempts to scan will fail. The good news is, there are some simple ways to fix this:

  • Upgrade your license
  • Configure your repository to only scan a portion of your code
  • Remove unused repositories to free up space

If you need support to configure your repository, don’t hesitate to contact us.

What languages does BrowserStack Code Quality support?

BrowserStack Code Quality’s four-vector analysis (Code Metrics, Anti-patterns, Duplication, and Code Issues) is made possible through a blend of our proprietary, state-of-the art BrowserStack Code Quality analyzer as well as external open-source tools.

Don’t see your language on the list? Contact us

LanguageVersionCode IssuesMetrics Anti-patternsDocker SupportWindows Support
Java1.0 - 15.0Browserstack Standards: 80
PMD : 270
SpotBugs : 447
C99Browserstack Standards: 523
CppCheck : 584
C++98, 14, 11Browserstack Standards: 523
CppCheck : 584
C#.Net FW 2.0 - 7.0, .Net Core 1.0Browserstack Standards: 87
Microsoft Security Codescan: 31
Objective-C2.0Browserstack Standards: 501818YesYes
TypeScript2.0 - 4.8TSLint : 2291818YesNo
JavaScriptES5, ES6Browserstack Standards : 3
JSHint : 164
ESLint : 569
Python3.0PYLint : 445
Bandit : 69
Dlint: 38
GoGOMetaLinter : 53
Gosec : 30
Staticcheck : 149
KotlinDetekt : 109
MobSF: 23
SoliditySolium : 283YesNo
SQLSQLCheck : 293YesYes
Swift (Cloud only)Swiftlint : 1543NoNo
RubyBrakeman : 353YesNo
ApexPMDApex: 463YesYes
HTMLhtmlhint: 263YesNo
CSSstylelint: 48 3YesNo
Infrastructure 2.0.654checkov : 6053YesNo
How long does an analysis take?

The duration of an analysis depends on several factors such as programming language, lines of code, hosting servers, and whether it’s the first scan or an incremental scan. See the table below for some baseline calculations based on our cloud-hosted version:

Java & C
Lines of Code Time (in minutes)
10,000 3–5
100,000 5–8
300,000 20–25

Manage self-managed License

Can I move BrowserStack Code Quality from my current machine to another?
How to upgrade my BrowserStack Code Quality license?
How to activate BrowserStack Code Quality in case the license is expired?

About LOC Limit

If LOC limit of your self-managed license is consumed (or exceeded) over the purchased license limit then either Delete a existing repository to obtain required LOC (for scanning new repository) or upgrade your self-managed license for that kindly contact us. Note that, we consider ELOC while calculating the LOC limit. We also notify end user via email when the scan fails due to the LOC limit exceeds.

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