Using archive file

This article gives step-by-step instructions for the installation of docker using a docker archive file.

This document assumes the following BrowserStack Code Quality versions:
If you are using a later version, please replace EMBOLD_VERSION and EMBOLD_RE_VERSION above with the corresponding values.
You can export these variables for the rest of the commands in this document to work.

Code Quality Components

Code Quality is made up of the following components:

  • Code Quality Server (Docker container)
    • This is the server component that hosts the results via a web interface and exposes results via APIs.
    • The server can also initiate scans directly from the web interface by connecting it to a Git/SVN/TFS repo or just by uploading a ZIP file.
    • Although for C/C++, we recommend running the scan on a build machine so BrowserStack Code Quality sees the source exactly how the compiler sees it.
  • Code Quality Analyser (a.k.a. Corona)
    Note: This is optional but recommended for C/C++ scans; Native installation / ZIP file
    • This component is used to run “Remote” scans, i.e. the Analyser runs on a different machine (typically the build machine) then the server, and publishes results to the server.
    • Typically it is installed on a build machine (esp for C/C++) which has the build tools, compilers, and dependent libraries and headers.
  • For C/C++, the Analyser component contains 2 sub-components:
    • Code Quality Trace tool – Used to monitor the build and generate a compilation database file (e.g: embold-trace make).
      To know more about embold-trace tool, refer to this article.
    • Analyser – Uses the generated compilation database and source files to run the scan and publish results.

To know more about C++ configuration, refer to this article.

  • Code Quality Recommendation Engine for Docker container (optional)
    • This component (when enabled) analyses Git/SVN history and its correlation with defects in Jira/Redmine to build a history-based defect correlation model, which is then used to predict defects in new code.

To know more about the Recommendation Engine for the beta version, check the link here.

Code Quality behind Proxy

Refer to this article, to know more about BrowserStack Code Quality behind proxy.