The steps below will guide you through the process of upgrading your license for the cloud. You can manage your account by modifying the number of users, LOC, and scans.

  1. Visit the BrowserStack Code Quality website. (
  2. Enter the credentials to Sign in to your account. Your account dashboard is displayed where you will get your subscription insights.
  3. On your cloud BrowserStack Code Quality account, click the Upgrade button to increase your license validity.
  4. Upgrade license to higher plan. Here, you can upgrade from “Free” plan to “Premium” plan.
  5. On clicking the “Choose plan” button, My Subscription page will be opened. Choose your desired monthly or annual plan according to your needs.
  6. Enter the user details for Billing Information.
  7. Add the card details on the payment information page. On clicking continue, once again review your purchase order. When user clicks on “Confirm Purchase“, the license will be renewed.
  8. After upgrading your license, you can see the updated usage summary in the Account Overview section.