Azure Team Foundation Server (TFS), newly known as Azure DevOps Server is a source code management system by Microsoft. TFS provides source code management either with Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) or Git. Azure TFS is available on both cloud as well as on-premise platforms.

Cloud based TFS: 

Using cloud TFS, you can add four types of repositories to Embold: Private Git repositories, Open source Git repositories, Private TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) repositories, and Open source TFVC repositories.

On-premise TFS:

Using on-premise TFS, you can add two types of repositories to Embold: TFVC based repositories and Git based repositories. The Git based repositories can be added to Embold using personal access tokens or SSH keys.


  • We support Azure TFS repository integration on Windows installer only.
  • We do not support Azure TFS integration on Docker.
  • Azure DevOps no longer supports alternate credentials since 2020. It is recommended to use Personal Access Tokens instead.