BrowserStack Code Quality Groups is a way to cluster all issues under a category that you can define. Eg. You can create a group of issues based on releases you want to fix them in. Or you can create a group to collect issues that are not important for your project right now.

Create new group

  • Go to Admin section -> Groups
  • This page gives an overview of all the groups created and details of each group.
  • Click on “Create New Group
  • Add Group details: Title, Description and labels

Link Issues to Groups

  • You can link vulnerabilities and code issues to groups.
  • Issues can be linked either from Issues page or Code View page.
  • In the above image you see Issues page with link to criticality button on top right corner.
  • When you click on “Link to groups” a pop up of all groups appear.

Groups Overview

  • You can get an overview of all the groups associated with a repository and issues linked to that group on the Groups page.
  • All users can create new groups and link issues to groups.
  • All groups are global and are accessible across all projects and repositories.