1. Login to Embold. Create a project. Link the repository you want to scan.
  2. On your remote Embold instance navigate to the repository you want to scan.
  3. Download configuration json from Embold UI, it resides in Project configuration.
  4. Open the JSON file. In the gammaAccess section, provide the URL of your remote machine where the Embold is running. Set your Embold username and password.
  5. Set the dataDir to any desired location on your build machine.
  6. Give write access to dataDir folder for particular user who will be running gammascanner bat/sh file.
  7. In the sources section, set the value of baseDir as the base directory path of your source folder on your build machine. You can also give exclusions (e.g. If you want to exclude folders named “build” and “test”, simply give “.*build.*” , “.*test.*” in the exclusions section).
  8. Add the list of modules to be run (e.g. pmd,cppcheck,gamma_cxx).
  9. Go to bin directory inside scanboxwrapper (e.g. cd gamma/corona/scanboxwrapper/bin ) then run:
    /gammascanner -c /home/user/gamma/corona/scanboxwrapper/config/examples/gammascan_typical.json
  10. After the analysis is complete, you will be able to see the analysis results for your repository on your gamma instance.
  11. On your remote Embold instance, you will be able to see published results.