The following are the steps for running the SonarQube module with Remote Analysis:

  1. Download the JSON file from Embold. To know more about downloading configuration JSON from Embold UI, click here.
  2. Add the following config parameters for the SonarQube module in the code issue section.
    1. Specify the “Sonar User Token” for authentication.
    2. Specify the URL where SonarQube is running. This is a mandatory field.
    3. Specify the unique Sonar project key. This is a mandatory field.
    4. Specify one or more severities for which code issues will be fetched from SonarQube. If not specified, code issues for all the severities will be retrieved.
      Example: SonarQube default severity values are: BLOCKER, CRITICAL, MAJOR, MINOR and INFO.