The scan configuration helps you to fine-tune the scan by excluding parts of your code from the scan, uploading additional included directories or adding parser options.

Scan Configuration pop-up can be opened from the repository context menu.

The scan configuration pop-up is displayed. Fill the information in different fields.

The scan configuration fields are described below:


You can exclude specific source files by providing JavaScript formatted regular expressions.


Example Code
Filer out files containing the keyword “test” “.*test.*”
Filter out everything but one file “^(?!.*parse-this-file-only.cpp*$).*”
Using escape characters to match special characters (+,.) “.*test.c++*”

Default Exclusions

LanguageRegular expressionDescription
Java(?i)(test|generated|mock|thirdparty|third-party|3rd-party|3rdparty|external)Any file path containing 'test', 'generated', 'mock', 'thirdparty', 'third-party', '3rd-party', '3rdparty' and 'external'
would be excluded.
C/C++thirdparty;third-party;3rd-party;external;generated;mock;test;buildAny file path containing 'thirdparty', 'third-party', '3rd-party', 'external', 'generated', 'mock', 'test' and 'build'
would be excluded.
C#(?i)(.g.cs|example|mock|assemblyinfo.cs|.AssemblyAttributes.cs|.AnyCPU.Debug|.AnyCPU.Release)Any file path containing '.g.cs', 'example', 'mock', 'assemblyinfo.cs', '.AssemblyAttributes.cs', '.AnyCPU.Debug' and '.AnyCPU.Release'
would be excluded.
Objective-Cthirdparty;third-party;3rd-party;external;generated;mock;test;buildAny file path containing 'thirdparty', 'third-party', '3rd-party', 'external', 'generated', 'mock', 'test' and 'build'
would be excluded.;testAny file path containing '' and 'test'
would be excluded.
JavaScriptnode_modules;.min.js;dist;external;assets;gulp;grunt;libs;-bundle.js;.bundle.js;swagger-ui;.config.js;-config.js;UNKNOWN_FILE;.git;.ebextensions;test;.lib;.library;.zipAny file path containing 'node_modules', '.min.js', 'dist', 'external', 'assets', 'gulp', 'grunt', 'libs', '-bundle.js', '.bundle.js', 'swagger-ui', '.config.js', '-config.js', 'UNKNOWN_FILE', '.git', '.ebextensions', 'test', '.lib', '.library' and '.zip'
would be excluded.
TypeScriptnode_modules;.min.js;dist;external;assets;gulp;grunt;libs;-bundle.js;.bundle.js;swagger-ui;.config.js;-config.js;UNKNOWN_FILE;.git;.ebextensions;test;.lib;.library;.zip;.d.tsAny file path containing 'node_modules', '.min.js', 'dist', 'external', 'assets', 'gulp', 'grunt', 'libs', '-bundle.js', '.bundle.js', 'swagger-ui', '.config.js', '-config.js', 'UNKNOWN_FILE', ' .git', '.ebextensions', 'test', '.lib', '.library', '.zip' and '.d.ts'
would be excluded.
PHPvendor;wp-content/plugins;protected/extensions;testAny file path containing 'vendor',
'wp-content', 'plugins', 'protected',
'extensions' and 'test'
would be excluded.
GotestAny file path containing 'test' would be excluded.
KotlintestAny file path containing 'test' would be excluded.
SoliditytestAny file path containing 'test' would be excluded.
SQLtestAny file path containing 'test' would be excluded.
‘?i’ indicates case insensitiveĀ 

Parser Options

Currently, parser options are only available for C and C++ repositories.

Parsing invalid code:

By default, invalid code parsing is enabled but it can be disabled using the following option:

Note: Support for invalid code parsing is limited and may result in parser failure. In case this happens, please disable invalid code parsing.

Define Macros:

Macros can be defined with GCC like option format.

Example:To define macro MY_MACRO -> –clang=”-DMY_MACRO=”

Any option to compiler can be given with –clang=“”. This needs to be added in the parser options field in the scan configuration.

Recursive include header search:

By default, the parser searches for any header file recursively in all the sub-directories of the source folder. This can lead to incorrect results if there are multiple header files with the same name but in different folders.

To disable searching in all sub-directories use the following option:

Uploading Includes

This option is only relevant for scanning C or C++ repositories. If an included file is not found in the source directory, the C/C++ parser will throw a warning message which contains the location of the missing include.

The accuracy of the parser can be improved by uploading the directories which contain the missing files with the correct path. Includes can be uploaded in .zip format.

Note: Source code from additional include directories will not be considered for analysis. It is only used to resolve header dependencies (type resolution).