Set up your remote Embold instance. This is where your analysis results will be published. Follow the steps to set up remote analysis here.

  1. Follow the steps to set up remote scan
  2. If you wish to create a separate build folder for running trace-utility (intercept-build), you should use the –cdb additional option while running the scan.
    The compile_commands.json will be created inside your build directory and not in the base directory of your source folder. Since, the scanner looks for the compile_commands.json in the base directory by default, use the  –cdb option to specify the directory where your compile_commands.json is located.
  3. In “settings” section, under “additionalOptions” set the directory where compilation database resides.
    Example: –cdb=
  4. If the scan is successful you should see “ANALYSIS SUCCESS”. On your build machine, the last two log messages indicate that the remote analysis was successful.
  5. On your remote Embold instance, you will be able to see published results.