26, April 2022

What is new?

  • Review suppressions made by your developers using the new Suppression Approval Workflow. Know more
  • Find vulnerabilities in C# source code. We have integrated Security Code Scan into Embold. See all C# checks
  • Added 6 new Java CWE vulnerability checks. See all Java checks
  • Improvements
    • Improvement in Unit Test workflow
      • Unit Test Page will now show Unit test suite name instead of component name. 
    • C/C++ performance 
    • Added a button on scan page to go to the scanned repository
    • We now show folder structure while linking repositories
    • Pull Request: Added more information to bitbucket Comments after a PR is scanned on Embold. Info added
      • Code Issue Count
      • Number of code issues added and fixed
      • Backlink URL
  • Bug fixes

Release scope:

  • Available via all installers and docker.

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to