Release date:

20, October 2021

What is new?

  • New language support added for CSS
    • Integrated a new 3rd party linter Stylint. Added 48 new checks.
  • Improved CWE coverage for JAVA:
    We have added 11 new Java CWE checks. Get more insights into Embold’s rich Java checks here.
    • Mutable Object Should Not Reference Public
    • Unencrypted Server Socket
    • Avoid NullCipher
    • Unencrypted Socket
    • Weak SSLContext
    • Clone Without Super
    • Finalize Without Super
    • Missing Throw In Catch Block
    • Improper Validation Of ArrayIndex
    • Non Serializable In Session
    • Empty Synchronized Block
  • New CPP checks:
    We have added 6 new CPP checks. Read here more.
    • CWARN.MEM.NONPOD : Checks if low-level memory manipulation routines are used for initializing objects of non-POD (plain old data) types.
    • CWARN.BITOP.SIZE : looks for code in which bitwise operations (&=, |=, and ^=) have operands with different sizes.
    • CWARN.MOVE.CONST : Checks if Const value is used as argument for std::move
    • INFINITE_LOOP.LOCAL : checks for infinite loops
    • SV.FMT_STR.PRINT_IMPROP_LENGTH : Checks for Improper use of length modifier in a print function call
    • CWARN.ALIGNMENT: Checks if Incorrect pointer scaling is used
  • Bug fixes and improvements.
    • Not able to update an existing zip repository on Embold through UI.
    • New .h files could not be parsed in pull request workflow
    • Performance improvement

Release scope:

  • Available via windows installers, docker, and cloud.

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to