Release date:

18, April 2024

What is new?

  • LDAP roles mapping
  • Pipeline script for remote scan
  • Snapshots meta
  • Provision to disable widgets on repository dashboard
  • Codequality trace update
  • Codequality scanner improvements
  • Codequality Auxilary checks
  • Software Composition Analysis – Alpha release
  • Bug fix : Edit option not visible for quality gate
  • Bug fix : Popup does not open while using shared link
  • Bug fix : Email does not send in a specific case for Forgot password
  • Bug fix : Child tag filters does not work if criticality is selected
  • Bug fix: Search components is not working when searched with ‘.’ at start
  • Bug fix: Duplicate Tag Appears in UI
  • Other bug fixes and Improvements

Release scope:

  • Available via docker only

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to