Release date:

26, Dec 2023 

What is new?

  • Delta between any two snapshots can be seen for code issues
  • 2 new memory leaks code checks added to avoid memory issues for CPP language
  • JS/TS remote scan support for MacOS. 
  • Code issue link on UI for sharing between teams.
  • HTTPS_PROXY and HTTP_PROXY support for remote scan workflow apart from inbuilt proxy.
  • Export filtered issue list
  • Metrics API added to get delta between any two snapshots
  • Pin snapshot selection
  • Bug fix : LDAP/SSO config deletion on removal of user who configured it.
  • Bug fix : Timeout error while running remote scan with gamma generic for large number of  unanalysed files.
  • Bug fix : Filters are getting reset after suppression of an issue.
  • Bug fix : C# code issue criticality mismatch for specific rules
  • Bug fix : Removed JAVA_HOME dependency from windows installer
  • Other bug fixes and Improvements

Release scope:

  • Available via docker and windows Installer only

Upgrade paths:

  • All versions from can be upgraded to