Release date:

08, August 2019

What is new?

  • LDAP support introduced! Embold will support Open LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory* for enterprise grade single sign-on integration.
  • Code issues are now suppressible. Do you think a code issue is not important for you or is a false positive? Just suppress the occurrence. Embold will stop reporting that occurrence of the issue!
  • Swift code issues support introduced through SwiftLint (0.32.0)
  • Gated Commits is introduced to enforce quality for every commit!
  • Brand new documentation portal is launched with improved user experience!
  • Embold is now available from just €10! Embold is made extremely affordable to power more projects and developers.
  • Two new proprietary code issues introduced for JavaScript.
  • OWASP top 10 support for Java is introduced!

*Active Directory is a registered trade mark of Microsoft Corporation.


  • Improved recommendation engine workflow.
  • Improved TeamCity plugin.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Upgrade paths:

All versions from can be upgraded to