What is new?

  • Embold Recommendation Engine (Beta, available for select on-premise customers): How about finding issues that can cause a problem in the future. Embold learns from the development history and identifies issues as every commit happens.
  • Pull Request Workflow (Beta, on-premise): Your code review process just got better and easier! Automated pull request scan is now available on your GitHub and Bitbucket repository. Don’t let that bug slip your eyes anymore.
    Note: To know about Pull Request and Recommendation Engine read this article.
  • Embold Trace for Linux: Enables better analytics quality for C/C++ repositories for a wider spectrum of projects.
  • New MISRA checks: Support for MISRA-C2012-8.4, MISRA-C2012-8.8, MISRA-C2012-11.2 are added.

Note: Available for On-premise customers only.