What is new?

  • Embold Task insights (GTI): As the user types in a task with a title and description, GTI reads through it and identifies different sections of code that could contribute to the problem. It then suggests which developers could be the best at addressing the task.
  • TypeScript native support: With TypeScript native support, now typescript reporting is richer with anti-patterns and larger list of metrics.
  • Fast Scan(Beta): Fast scan enables you to perform a scan only on the changed files. Result as the name suggests, is a significantly fast scanning experience.
  • Rich Embold report on Jenkins: Now a visually rich Embold report is available on Jenkins plugin.
  • MISRA checks support: Support for MISRA checks misra-c2012-6.2, misra-c2012-7.4, misra-c2012-9.3 are added.
  • Scan by Commit Id: Running a scan by commit id is now supported. There is no longer a limitation to scan only the latest version.
  • TeamCity plugin: Embold TeamCity plugin allows to run a scan after a successful build on JetBrains TeamCity. Plugin also reports Embold scan results right inside TeamCity via the plugin.


  • Issues information is now tagged with KPI information. So developers can understand implications of a code issue.
  • Performance improvement in Component list view
  • C/C++ performance improvement for fuzzy analysis
  • Better code checker defaults for Javascript
  • Ubuntu and Centos installer UI improvements
  • Bug fixes


  • While adding repositories to Embold from version control account only first 30 repositories will be available.
  • Task insights is only available for on-premise Embold installations. (Coming soon to cloud)

Embold Website

  • Email notifications regarding onboarding and webinars.