What is new?

  • Embold will now use token based authentication instead of sessions for integration such as Jenkins plugin.
  • Embold Quality Gates are now available in Jenkins plugin. Now you can monitor quality from within Jenkins.
  • Code issues support for SQL through ‘SQLCheck’. Enables detection of performance issues in queries.
  • Solidity code issues support via Solium.
  • Kotlin code issues support via Detekt.
  • Duplication is now reported for Typescript and Kotlin
  • Downloadable repository configuration for CI integration and remote scanning

New Package:

  • By popular demand, monthly pricing option is now available!


  • Improved duplication reporting accuracy for PHP and Go.
  • Improvements in email notifications.


  • Solium support for Windows (on premise) is not available.
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Embold plugin support for Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2017 is not available.