Software and Hardware requirements (Beta)

Before proceeding with the installation, make sure that the following requirements are met: 

  1. Supported OS Platform: Ubuntu sever 16.04/ CentOs server 7.5 or above/RedHat server 7.5 or above 
  2. Minimum RAM required: 16 GB 
  3. Minimum storage required: 300 GB 
  4. Embold should be installed. 
  5. Docker Engine should be installed.  

Embold RE is the component of the Embold platform which delivers recommendation capabilities. Currently, Embold RE is available in a private beta mode on Linux platforms. Embold RE is distributed via our private Docker Hub account. To install Embold RE, you need to first install Docker© Engine. 

Installing docker Recommendation engine (Beta)

For running docker image of Recommendation Engine

Run below command from the terminal which will pull the docker image of Embold and run Embold in a container.

docker run --name EmboldRE -itd -p 9090:9090 -v gammare_data:/opt/gammare_data -v /home/${USER}/RE:/opt/gammare_logs embold/gammare:${VERSION}

1. It is important to use the exact volume mapping as specified in the docker run command. If incorrect volume names are specified or changed during subsequent docker run commands, Embold will start as a fresh instance and you will not be able to access previously scanned repositories and other configuration (such as users). Additionally, you will have to reactivate Embold to use the fresh instance.
2. is the external IP address of the docker RE container. If ran on one instance we advise to create a bridge and inspect it to find the according IP after deploying the containers for the first time. For example:
docker network create -d bridge br0
docker network connect br0 GAMMA
docker network connect br0 GammaRE
docker inspect network bridge
3. The tag name {VERSION} is mentioned as an example in below commands. You can use your latest preferred tag from docker. For example: tag name can be

Starting version 0.8.9, RE by default will refuse connections to SVN servers which have SSL certificate issues (e.g. self-signed certificates). If you still need to connect to these SVN servers, you need to set the RE_SCM_TRUST_SERVER_CERT environment variable to True in the docker run command and recreate the container.

Add -e RE_SCM_TRUST_SERVER_CERT=True to the docker run command to allow RE to connect to SVN servers and ignore certificate errors (e.g. due to self-signed certificates).

Run the below command:
docker run --name EmboldRE -itd -p 9090:9090 -e RE_SCM_TRUST_SERVER_CERT=True  -v gammare_data:/opt/gammare_data -v /home/${USER}/RE:/opt/gammare_logs embold/gammare:${VERSION}

Custom Redmine issue types configuration

  1. Stop and remove EmboldRE docker container (if present) using below commands:
    docker stop EmboldRE
    docker rm EmboldRE
  2. Remove the existing image of EmboldRE docker (if present) using below commands:
    docker images – This will display a list of images
    docker rmi [image-id] – [image-id] of RE docker
  3. Run the latest RE docker using the following command.
    For the configuration changes to take into effect; docker volume will be mapped to a new location gammare_data_new.
    docker run --name EmboldRE -itd -p 9090:9090 -e LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 -v gammare_data_new:/opt/gammare_data -v /home/${USER}/RE:/opt/gammare_logs embold/gammare:{VERSION}
    Environment variable LC_ALL=C.UTF-8 is used to ensure ‘utf-8’ encoding is used.
  4. Copy config file from docker to local machine using the following command:
    docker cp EmboldRE:/opt/gammare/cmod/config/ destinationfolder
    This will copy the properties file to a destination folder.
    E.g. docker cp EmboldRE:/opt/gammare/cmod/config/ /opt/
  5. Modify the properties file. Add the following configuration using vim
    1. Modify flag issues.only_bugs to False
      e.g. issues.only_bugs=False
    2. Add values to issue.types variable.
      e.g.  issue.types=不具合,バグ,Bug,Failure
  6. Copy modified file back to the container
    docker cp EmboldRE:/opt/gammare/cmod/config/ 
  7. Now restart RE docker container using below commands
    docker stop EmboldRE
    docker start EmboldRE
1. Values are case sensitive. Make sure they exactly match with issue types in Redmine.
2. Do not give quotes for issue types.

Before you begin, please note the below points:

  1. Use one of two options for setting issue types. Either from environment variable RE_ISSUE_TYPES or from file. The environment variable will take precedence in case both are set. If issue types are not set in English , prefer using to set it from properties file to avoid encoding related issues.
  2. Verify if issue.types values (in properties file of docker container) are correctly visible, after copying the properties file to the docker container.
    To view property file use the following commands:
    docker exec -it EmboldRE /bin/bash
    cat /opt/gammare/cmod/config/
  3. If there is a problem setting Japanese issue types in the config file; refer to this link to install font packages as per the operating systems.