This section helps to understand how you can overwrite your scan configuration using a checked in file.

Default Configuration Settings

You can download default configuration settings from:

  • Go to Projects
  • Click on project where the repository belongs
  • Click on the 3 dots at the top of the repository
  • Click on Download repository configuration

Update configuration settings using embold.json

To update the configuration settings,

  • You can use the downloaded repository configuration file (as shown in the previous section) as a template.
  • Make your desired changes and save the file as embold.json.
  • Commit this embold.json file to the base/root directory before scanning.

Update scan configurations from UI

  • Go to “Scan configurations” from the repository settings and select “Overwrite default scan configuration” checkbox. By default, this checkbox is unticked.
  • But, if the user modifies any parameter in UI such as excludes or Additional Options or anything from code checkers, tick the checkbox “Overwrite default scan configuration“.
  • The original parameters will be overridden.
We cannot overwrite changes for remote repositories.