1. You need an active Embold account. (Don’t have one? Sign up free here).
2. Identifying Problems builds off of the lessons learned in the previous articles. To get the most out of this article we recommend you finish your first scan.

Embold rating system

The Embold rating system is a numeric representation of the quality of the software. The rating is calculated on every level; for a function, a method, a component, a package, and the overall software health. It ranges from -5 to 5, where -5 indicates a very bad rating and therefore bad quality, and 5 indicates that the software is exceptionally designed.
Rating enables you to quickly compare the quality between your organizations and repositories once you have more than one scanned.

The rating for certain aspects of the code, such as the anti-patterns, code issues, metrics, and duplication contributes to the overall Embold rating.

Reading the Repository Overview

The Repository Overview shows the general state of your software at a glance. The first area to focus on is the ratings displayed in the tiles.
The top section of the overview page shows general information about the repository, such as the overall rating, the total lines of code (LOC), different languages supported. 
Click on any tile to get more detailed information on each component like vulnerabilities, code issues, anti-patterns, and duplication.