Enhance the analysis process by running the application in multi-threaded mode for faster results.

Ensure your system configuration includes an adequate number of processes to support multi-threaded execution.

Run the Analyzer in Multi-Threaded Mode : By default, the analyzer operates with four threads. For further customisation, set the EMB_ANALYSER_THREADS environment variable on the machine where Embold scan is running. If using Docker, include this variable in the Docker command; for installations, incorporate it into the installer machine.

Run Java Parser in Multi-Threaded Mode : The Java Parser utilizes two threads by default. To adjust the thread count for the Embold Java Parser, set the EMB_PARSER_THREADS environment variable on the machine running Embold Scan. For Docker, integrate this variable into the Docker command; for the installer, incorporate it into the installer machine.

Run CPP Parser in Multi-Threaded Mode : By default CPP Parser operates with single thread. To enable multi-threaded mode, follow these steps:

  • Go to Projects and on Repository list click on repository context menu (ooo) and then click Scan configuration menu item
  • Add “–jobs=[no of multiple process to be launched]” under Additional Options field (for example see below screenshot)
  • This settings can also be configured using repository_configuration.json. For that, go to repository context menu (ooo) and click on Download repository configuration and add/edit additional options under settings section (as shown below)
    "settings": {
                    "additionalOptions": [
                    "includePaths": []