Follow below steps to move (or transfer) your self-managed license from the current host machine to another host machine.


  1. Login to self-managed account and go to Admin > License from the left panel.
  2. Under Admin > License if you scroll below should see Move License button.
  3. Move BrowserStack Code Quality to a new host page is displayed.
  4. Click the checkbox to confirm deactivation of BrowserStack Code Quality license on the current host machine. This will activate Proceed button.
  1. Clicking Proceed button will start the deactivation process. Note that, once you confirm this you are not accessible to BrowserStack Code Quality self-managed account on the current host.
  2. BrowserStack Code Quality license is deactivated from your current host.
  3. Click Move License button and download de-activation key.
  4. On next step, click Download Deactivation Key button. Important to note, you need to upload this downloaded de-activation key in the next steps on customer portal (as mentioned below).
  1. Now, go to BrowserStack Code Quality Customer Portal and sign in.
  2. On Account overview section, you should see Move License button – click that.
    Note that, to enable Move License button on your account section kindly contact us.
  1. Move License page will be displayed. Click Upload Deactivation Key link.
  2. Paste the new host key in the upload host key field.
  1. Click Generate Activation key button.
  2. You are now redirected to BrowserStack Code Quality Customer Portal Dashboard.
  3. Click Download to obtain the new activation key.