BrowserStack Code Quality supports below modules:

Module NameModule TypeLanguageAvailabilityPre-requisites
PMDcodeissues Java On-premise / Cloud-
SpotbugscodeissuesJava On-premise / CloudUser should generate Spotbugs report (xmls) before analysis
FindsecbugscodeissuesJava On-premise / CloudUser should generate Findsecbugs report ( xmls) before analysis
Sonar codeissuesJava On-premiseSonar should be setup and configured
Clover coverageJavaOn-premiseUser should generate clover report (xmls) before analysis
Junit unittestJavaOn-premiseUser should generate junit report (xmls) before analysis
cppcheckcodeissuesCppOn-premise / Cloud-
gamma_cxxcodeissuesCpp On-premise / Cloud-
Gcov coverageCppOn-premiseUser should generate gcov report (xmls) before analysis
GtestunittestCppOn-premiseUser should generate gtest report ( xmls) before analysis
Gamma_cs codeissuesCSharp On-premise / Cloud-
JshintcodeissuesJavascriptOn-premise / Cloud-
EslintcodeissuesJavascriptOn-premise / Cloud-
TslintcodeissuesTypescriptOn-premise / Cloud-
codeissuesPython On-premise / Cloud-
GometalintercodeissuesGoOn-premise / Cloud-
codeissuesPHPOn-premise / Cloud-
PhpmdcodeissuesPHPOn-premise / Cloud-
SqlcheckcodeissuesSQLOn-premise / Cloud-
Gamma_JavacodeissuesJavaOn-premise / Cloud-