When methods of a class excessively access operations of one or a few other classes, it is said that the class is intensively coupled with those one or few provider classes.


  • Understanding the relation between the client method & the classes providing services becomes difficult.


  • Methods of affected class call too many methods. These methods are called from only a few other classes.
  • Calling Methods have a non-trivial level of nested conditionals (nested IF-ELSE statements).


  • The method formatParagraph in TextArea accesses 9 different methods from JEditBuffer.


  • Moving intensively coupled operations to a single new operation.
  • Split the method affected by Intensive Coupling into one or more methods based on the classes with which it is interacting.
  • Reduce the number of outgoing interactions of this method with methods belonging to other classes by splitting the method and logically moving it to other classes.