1. Install standalone Corona for  UbuntuWindows or RedHat Enterprise Linux/CentOS at your desired location (e.g. /opt/gamma ). It will be your GAMMA_ROOT folder.
  2. Recursively change the owner of the GAMMA_ROOT folder (e.g. /opt/gamma folder) to GitLab user (e.g. sudo chown -R gitlab-runner /opt/gamma)
  3. PostgreSQL on your remote Embold instance should be configured.
  4. Recursively give read/write/execute permission to the GAMMA_ROOT folder for GitLab users. (e.g. sudo chmod -R 744 /opt/gamma)
  5. Download and update scan configuration json from gamma UI
  6. Update the .gitlab-ci.yml file the source code. Refer below table.
  7. In case of running gcov, Gcovr should be installed on the build machine.
    With the above settings, when the runner is launched by Gitlab while executing the pipeline, it will now also include Embold code scans.
Operating system.gitlab-ci.yml changes
Windowsset GAMMA_ROOT= C:\workspace\gitlab\gitlab_corona
‘%GAMMA_ROOT%\corona\tools\bin\gitlab_wrapper.bat gammascan.json’
Linuxexport GAMMA_ROOT=/opt/gamma
$GAMMA_ROOT/corona/tools/bin/gitlab_wrapper.sh gammascan.json

GAMMA_ROOT is where the standalone corona is installed on the runner (GAMMA_ROOT should have a folder “corona” directly in it)