1. On the top right corner of the TeamCity home page, click Administration.
  2. On the left navigation panel under Server Administration, click Plugin List.
  3. On the Plugin List page, click Upload plugin zip. Upload the downloaded plugin.
  4. On successful uploading, Embold plugin is listed in the External plugins table.
  5. Go to the Home page. On the left navigation pane, click Embold to validate the user.
  6. Embold can be validated using either API token, then click on the Test Connection button.
  7. On successful validation, the “Connection successful” message is displayed.
  8. Click on the project and build that needs to be analyzed through Embold.
  9. Click on the Edit Configuration Setting of the build.
  10. On the left navigation pane, click Parameters > Add new parameter.
  11. Add the environmental variables env.GAMMA_HOME, env.GAMMA_DATA and env.EMBOLD_SCANNER_HOME. Click Save.
    1. env.GAMMA_HOME : Specify the location where corona is installed (e.g /opt/gamma/corona)
    2. env.GAMMA_DATA : Temporary directory location. (Used to store temporary data created while analyzing repository). Note: The directory should have write permissions.
    3. env.EMBOLD_SCANNER_HOME: Specify the location for scanner home.
  12. The environmental variables are added successfully.
  13. Go to the left navigation pane, Click Build Step: Embold > Add build setup.
  14. Choose EMBOLD from the build runner drop-down list.
  15. There are 2 options through which scanning can be done:
    1. Using Configuration File: Configuration file can be obtained from Embold and need to be uploaded here.
    2. Using Subsystem ID: Obtain Subsystem ID from Embold.
      This step is optional if the user wants to run the scan using Subsystem UID.
  16. You have successfully added a new Embold Built setup.
  17. Click on the Run button to build the project.
  18. After building the project, click on the Overview tab to view the result, Artifacts tab to view the generated PDF and Embold tab to view the analyzed project in a graphical format.