Below are the steps to install standalone corona on Windows:

  1. Download installer file from your Embold Account’s section > Releases tab. There will be file : .
  2. Right-click the zip folder, click Properties > General tab.
  3. In the ‘Security‘ section, if the Security button is blocked, unblock it and then proceed with the unzipping of the file.
    Note:- If the security button is not blocked, you can directly proceed with the unzipping of the file.
  4. Unzip the file.
  5. Go to setup folder.
  6. Open command prompt in admin mode, change the directory (folder) using cd to the path (corona64_WindowsInstallersetup) where setupCorona64Bit.bat file is located and run the command:
  7. This will install the pre-requisites for the Corona including required frameworks, tools, etc.
    The script will set all the required environment variables. The corona folder will be created under “c:/ProgramData/Gamma“.
  8. Successful installation of standalone Corona will happen.