Rule Description KPI  
no-throw Discourage use of “throw” statement for error flagging security  
no-tx-origin Discourage use of “tx.origin” global variable security  
enforce-explicit-visibility Encourage user to explicitly specify visibility of function security  
no-block-members Discourage use of members “blockhash” & “timestamp” (and alias “now”) of “block” global variable List of members to warn against [“blockhash”, “timestamp”] security  
no-call-value Discourage use of .call.value()() security  
no-assign-params Disallow assigning to function parameters security  
no-fixed Disallow fixed point types security  
no-inline-assembly Discourage use of inline assembly security  
no-low-level-calls Discourage the use of low-level functions – call(), callcode() & delegatecall() List of functions to warn against [“call”, “callcode”, “delegatecall”] security  
no-modify-for-iter-var Discourage user to modify a for loop iteration counting variable in the loop body security  
no-send Discourage the use of unsafe method “send” security  
no-sha3 Encourage use of “keccak256()” over “sha3()” function security  
no-unreachable-code Disallow unreachable code security