BrowserStack Code Quality Cloud Account

Are you a single developer, a small team, or large company looking to develop quality software? Our customizable BrowserStack Code Quality cloud account is the perfect fit for analyzing any number of private and public repositories.

Plan Highlights
  • Open source and private repositories
  • Unlimited scans
  • Leverages the speed and power of the cloud to provide faster analysis
  • Securely hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • Customizable packages available to meet your team and code base needs
  • Additional repository support and version control account integrations
  • Collaboration tool integrations such as Jira.

BrowserStack Code Quality Self-managed Account

With all the added benefits of our Cloud account, our self-hosted BrowserStack Code Quality account allows for enhanced integrations, custom setup, and personalized service support.

Plan Highlights
  • Everything that’s in our Cloud account
  • Build integrations like Jenkins
  • Testing integrations like JUnit, Google Test, and Clover
  • Plugin support for Eclipse and Visual Studio

See our account comparison chart for a full comparison table. Still not sure? Contact us.