Executable Lines Of Code (ELOC) is the number of executable lines of code in a class (component) or a function. This metric is also referred to as ‘Number Of Statements’ (NOS). The comment lines and empty lines are not counted. Components with high ELOC are often complex and tough to maintain.

Default Threshold : Component Level1000


ELOC for below component is 15.

public static class CsvUnescaper extends SinglePassTranslator {

       void translateWhole(final CharSequence input, final Writer out) throws IOException {
           // is input not quoted?
           if (input.charAt(0) != CSV_QUOTE || input.charAt(input.length() - 1) != CSV_QUOTE) {

           // strip quotes
           final String quoteless = input.subSequence(1, input.length() - 1).toString();

           if (StringUtils.containsAny(quoteless, CSV_SEARCH_CHARS)) {
               // deal with escaped quotes; ie) ""
               out.write(StringUtils.replace(quoteless, CSV_ESCAPED_QUOTE_STR, CSV_QUOTE_STR));
           } else {