Environment variableUse
ssl_keyUsed for ssl .key file path
ssl_certUsed for ssl .cert file path
ssl_portUsed to specify ssl port
ssl_passphrasePassphrase for ssl certificates
EMB_SCM_TRUST_SERVER_CERTTrue/False, if scm has self signed certificates

True/false, if we want to ue native python parser
re_hostRE host url
enableREScanTrue/false. To enable rescan
ACCEPT_EULAY, mandatory.
ACCEPT_EULA confirms your acceptance of the End-User Licensing Agreement.
ANALYSER_XMXAnalyser xmx value
EMB_ANALYSER_THREADSNumber of analyser threads
EMB_PARSER_THREADSNumber of parser threads
EMB_CHECKER_THREADSNumber of checker threads
polling_pr_cron_timeCronjob for polling PR
emboldSecurityCheckerTrue/false, enable security code checker
gamma_ui_public_hostSpecifies URL that can be accessible from the public domain