This configuration file contains the list of issues with its associated threshold values. Parameters such as path_exclusion, issues_exclusions and so on are mentioned in this JSON file.

The company organization will decide about the strictness of this JSON file. For e.g. Company can set their own rules/standards and customize this configuration file.

Below are the JSON fields :

  1. all: This field contains a list of added and existing issues for all languages.
  2. added: This field displays all the newly added issue lists and based upon that criticality is decided.
  3. existing: This field displays the already added issue list. These issues can be carry forwarded.
  4. criticality: This field mentions the high, medium and low criticality. The threshold values are decided by the company organization depending on their requirements.
    1. If the threshold value is o or more, gated commit will fail if it exceeds the given threshold value.
    2. If the threshold value is -1, issues will be skipped.
  5. paths_exclusion and issues_exclusion: These fields contain the list of paths and issues that need to be excluded.
  6. A list of issues that needs to be included in the code is mentioned under the field issues.