Docking Embold to a different machine or a different operating system is supported.


  • Postgres CLI tools on the source and target machine.

Docking Instructions

  • The databases from the source Embold machine will have to be manually backed up into dump files. These backups will have to be restored on the target Embold machine.
    • Embold Database:
      pg_dump --file --username “postgres” --no-password --format=p “gamma”
    • Corona Database:
      pg_dump --file --username “postgres” --no-password --format=p “corona”
  • Follow the installation instructions for the target operating system to install the same version of Embold as that of the source Embold machine.
  • Rename the created “gamma” and “corona” databases on the target Embold machine to “gamma_tobedeleted” and “corona_tobedeleted” respectively
  • Copy the corona.dump and gamma.dump created on the source Embold machine (refer Database backup section above) to the target Embold machine.
  • Restore the databases using dump files on the target Embold machine.