Rule Description KPI URL
E1004-missingArgumentToSuperMethod Missing argument to super() Accuracy
F0001-analysisError Used when an error occured preventing the analysis of a module (unable to find it for instance). Accuracy
F0002-errorBuildingASTNGRepresentation Used when an unexpected error occured while building the ASTNG representation. Accuracy
F0003-ignoredBuiltinModule Used to indicate that the user asked to analyze a builtin module which has been skipped. Accuracy
F0004-unexpectedInferredValue Used to indicate that some value of an unexpected type has been infered. Accuracy
F0010-codeParsingError Used to indicate that a parsing error has occurred. Accuracy
F0220-interfacesNotResolved Used when PyLint has failed to find interfaces implemented by a class Accuracy
F0321-formatDetectionError Used when an unexpected error occured in bad format detection. Accuracy
F0401-unableToImport Used when PyLint has been unable to import a module. Maintainability
W0122-useOfExec Use of the exec statement is discouraged Security