Organizations are what Embold uses to store and manage your code; they contain the repositories you link to Embold. You can create as many organizations as you need and can add as many repositories to them as you like. For today’s tutorial, we’ll be creating a single organization and linking a single repository.
In short, organizations are nothing but creating projects in the Emboold.

Steps to add an organization:
  1. Add Personal Organization: Adding this personal organization (like Github) will import all your personal repositories from Github.
  • Log into your Github account and add an organization to get started.
  • Choose a single organization and click on the “Add organization” button. Once you have entered the information, click Add Organization.
  • All the personal repositories will be imported and the user will navigate to the repository dashboard where you will get a glimpse of your project.

Choose the right pricing plan.
You just created your first organization on Embold!