You can create tasks from issues detected by BrowserStack Code Quality to track them and fix them. You may create tasks on BrowserStack Code Quality using built-in tasks feature or on an integrated issue tracking system such as Jira.

Step to create a task:

  1. Go to Project and open your desired repository. The Tasks can be accessed from the Component Explorer present at the top navigation bar next to the Issues tab.
  2. The right-side navigation pane has various filters such as : Platform, Sort By, Criticality, Type, Status.
  3. Reset or Update” button is available to users for filtering the data.
  4. Tasks can be created from the Tasks page or Issues page. On the tasks page, click the New Task button. Or on the issues page, click +Task button on any of the issues.
  5. A new task pop-up window is displayed. Tasks can be created for BrowserStack Code Quality, Jira or Azure DevOps.
  6. Fill in the form details.
  7. When the user clicks on the “Create Task” button, the newly created task will be listed on the Tasks page.
 Note: On the Issues page, when user clicks on +Task, in New Task pop-up window, some data is auto-populated.