• Embold AutoDoc generator is an AI-based comment generator tool that currently supports Java only for the IntelliJ plugin.
  • The support for more languages is coming soon.
  • Embold generates Java docs that help to produce a set of documentation comments for a method. This implementation delivers you faster and accurate results.

License Agreement for Embold service

The user needs to accept the terms of service by clicking on the “Accept” button.

  • This will allow user to utilize Embold features by making an agreement.
  • Once, license agreement is made, a pop-up window is displayed to the user. This AutoDoc premium feature is available for free use for a limited period.

How to generate the Embold AutoDoc?

  • You need to install the latest Embold IntelliJ plugin from the marketplace.

AutoDoc can be generated using 3 ways:

A. Follow the below steps:

  1. Right-click on the method name
  2. Click on ‘generate…’ (Alt+Insert)
  3. Click on ‘Embold AutoDocs’

4. All set now! Embold will generate Java docs for you.

  • Note: Embold will replace old Java docs with the new ones if already present.

B. You can also select the method name and use the shortcut key as ‘Alt + Shift + D’ to generate Java docs using Embold.

C. When user hovers on method name, a bulb icon is displayed. User can select “Generate comments using Embold AutoDoc”.

The comments get generated as shown in the below output: