Key Performance Indicator

Key Performance Indicator (KPI) help you effectively track crucial aspects of development like maintainability, reusability, functionality and more. While a set of default KPIs are available to begin with, you can create your own custom KPI’s as well.

KPI Description
Conceptual Integrity Defines the consistency and coherence of the overall design. This includes the way that components or modules are designed, as well as factors such as coding style and variable naming.
Robustness Characterizes the ability to cope with unknown errors during execution or the ability of an algorithm to continue to operate despite abnormalities in input, calculations, etc.
Reliability Characterizes frequency of failure, ability to withstand component failure, ability to recover from a failed state.
Resource Utilization Characterizes behavior of software from a resource perspective ( e.g. CPU, disk, network usage, etc).
Accuracy Characterizes functional correctness of the software and the amount of functional defect.
Adaptability Characterizes the number of changes needed for the adaption of software to different specified environments.
Testability Characterizes the effort needed for validating the software and about the test coverage. Good stability makes it more likely that faults in a system can be isolated in a timely and effective manner.
Programmability Characterizes the development effort for a software developer to integrate a component in a new system.
Replaceability Characterizes the plug and play aspect of software components, that is how easy it is to exchange a given software component with a specified environment.
Analyzability Ability of diagnosis of deficiencies or causes of failures, or for identification of parts to be modified.
Changeability Characterizes the amount of effort needed for modification, fault removal or for environmental change.
Stability Characterizes the risk of unexpected or negative effects as a result of the modification.

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Creating custom KPIs

  1. Navigate to KPIs tab under administration section.
  2. Click the New KPI button.
  3. Enter KPI name and description in the new KPI pop-up and click Add button.
  4. Click +Rule button.
  5. Select necessary rules from Add rules to KPI pop-up and click Add to KPI button.
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