Code checker configuration

Code checker configuration helps you to enable or disable code checkers and their corresponding rules for any repository.

Steps to navigate to code checker configuration
  1. Select the Code checkers configuration option from the repository context menu of the desired repository.
  2. On the Code checkers configuration page, on the left side navigation pane, by default, code issues are enabled except few.
  3. Check or uncheck the radio button to enable or disable a specific rule. If you want the checkers to be disabled, you can disable the code checkers (for example GammaCXX or cppcheck).
  4. For a specific selected checker, rules will be displayed.
  5. Move the cursor on the desired rule to view the More info button. More info will display a detailed description and examples.
  6. Users can search rules manually by typing in the search text box.
  7. On the right side navigation pane, the Filter Rules section can be used to filter the displayed rules based on Criticality or by associated KPI.
  8. To download the file, click Download JSON at the bottom right corner of the code configuration page. This file provides a customized configuration in JSON format and you can change it manually.
  9. To upload the changed file, click Upload JSON Configuration at the top of the code configuration page.
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